100% Vegetable

100% Vegetable

Portovia vegetable slices have few ingredients: only vegetables, legumes and vegetable fibres. We only use fresh products ensuring that the original flavours are captured.
100% Italian

100% Italian

The whole supply chain is monitored, vegetable and legumes come from Italian farms. An assurance of quality for you and your children.
100% Free From

100% Free From

Portovia products do not contain any gluten, lactose, soy, egg, colourants or saturated fats.
No waste

No waste

Portovia slices are made from vegetables and legumes and are ready to be eaten. It takes just a few minutes to prepare a delicious sandwich or a meal. No stains. No waste.


  • Because we advocate and offer a genuine fresh taste of vegetables
  • Because we respect Nature –> our vegetable slices do not contain any colourants
  • Because we provide a product that is free from –> gluten, lactose, soy, egg, colourants and saturated fats
  • Because our products are only made from vegetables –> they can be eaten every day
  • Because ingredients are sourced from Italian farmers –> safe for you and your children
  • Because our products do not produce any waste –> they are clean and do not stain
  • Because they are ready to use –> convenient and suitable for any occasion
  • Because they are delicious and contain only what Nature offers us –> vegetables, legumes and vegetable fibres
A new line of 100% vegetable, 100%  eco-conscious, 100% Made in Italy slices.


Ready to eat and made from vegetables, fruit and legumes.
PORTOVIA new Vegetable and Legume slices have been created to provide in a slice the delicious taste of a vegetable dish, they are convenient and include beneficial nutrients needed in your diet.


PORTOVIA legume slices are completely natural, and ready to be eaten, with no stains and no waste. Perfect for Vegetarians and Vegans.
Ideal as an appetising snack or to enhance your family’s meals.


Great served on bread croutons or on toast, or as a healthy filling for a hamburger, or added to a salad or simply eaten with a drop of extra virgin olive oil or your favourite sauce.