100% Vegetable

100% Vegetable

Portovia vegetable slices have few ingredients: only vegetables, legumes and vegetable fibres. We only use plant products to keep the natural taste intact.
100% Simple

100% Simple

Our slices are easy to match with salads, sandwiches or creative dishes, they are natural and tasty. I choose them, I love them, and Portovia.
100% Free From

100% Free From

Portovia is a gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, egg-free product, you can taste it in all its goodness.
No waste

No waste

Portovia slices vegetables and legumes are immediately ready to eat.
A few minutes to prepare a delicious sandwich or a dish. No stains and no waste.


  • Because we support and propose a balanced diet rich in vegetables
  • Because we leave Nature as it is –> our vegetable slices are simple and tasty
  • Because we choose to propose a product free from –> gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, egg-free
  • Because our products are completely vegetable –> suitable for your daily diet
  • Because they are chain products –> safe for you and your children
  • Because they have no waste –> they are clean and do not stain
  • Because they are ready to use –> practical and suitable in any situation
  • Because they are tasty and contain only what you need as –> vegetables, legumes and vegetable fibres

Portovia – I Freschi


  • Tomato “alla Pizzaiola”
  • Flavorful lentils
  • Hummus classic / with caramelized onions / with sweet chili pepper

Portovia – I Saporiti


  • Vegy Good Aromatic/Fragrant
  • Very good with Erbs
  • Vegy Good Fumè
  • Vegy Good Spicy

Portovia – I Fondenti


  • Delicate Filarella
  • Fumè Filarella
  • Tasty Filarella


Ready to use and products with vegetables or legumes.
The new sliced of Vegetables and Legumes PORTOVIA are designed to enclose in a slice all the taste of a real vegetable dish, without sacrificing practicality and the contribution of substances useful for the body.


The sliced vegetables PORTOVIA are natural, ready to be consumed, do not dirty and have no waste. Perfect also for those who follow a Vegetarian or Vegan diet.
Ideal for an appetising break or to enrich your family dishes


Excellent on bread croutons or on bruschetta, as healthy and natural ingredients in hamburgers, salads or simply to eat with extra virgin olive oil or with the dressing you prefer.