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100% Plant-based

100% Plant-based

Portovia products are made from organic fermented chickpeas and represent a sustainable and tasty alternative to enrich your dishes and add creativity to your cooking
100% Delicious

100% Delicious

Delicate, Savory, Smoked and Grated Filarella are plant-based foods. They have a texture comparable to that of cheese and can replace Mozzarella, Cheddar, Scamorza and Grated cheese in all your dishes.
100% Free From

100% Free From

Portovia plant-based foods are natural and gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free and allergen-free. You can consume them in all their goodness and with complete peace of mind.
100% Unique

100% Unique

Try our plant-based cheeses in your home oven or in professional ovens. They have an excellent stringy quality and yield perfect results. They melt in just a few minutes.


• Because we support and offer environmentally friendly food choices
• Because plant-based foods are recommended for a balanced diet
• Because our vegan cheeses are made from 100% Italian chickpeas
• Because chickpea plants reduce soil erosion
• Because chickpeas are a sustainable choice
• Because chickpeas take the nitrogen in the air and transfer it to the earth – in many cases, eliminating the use of fertilizers
• Because Portovia plant-based cheeses are prepared with Aquafaba ++, which acts as a prebiotic
• Because we are committed to offering plant-based foods which are – gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free and allergen-free
• Because we leave nature as it is – our plant-based cheeses only contain fruit nectar instead of dyes
• Because there are no preservatives in our plant-based foods



Alternatives to Parmesan and Grana


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  • Formaggio vegetale al tartufo
  • Formaggio vegetale piccante
  • Formaggio vegetale alle erbe

What is Aquafaba??

Aquafaba originated as chickpea cooking water or as a food stabilising water and can be used in cooking for sweet or savory recipes instead of egg whites. Our Aquafaba++ is even richer because it is derived from the vigorous extraction of nutrients from fermented chickpeas.

whole grattosino block vegan alternative to grated cheese


Put Portovia plant-based cheeses in your favourite dishes. Made from fermented chickpeas and Aquafaba++.
Appreciate the perfect stringy quality of the Filarella line in your gourmet pizzas, in fillings and rich lasagna or in your special burgers

For pasta or creamy risottos choose Grattosino, the ideal vegan cheese for grating.
Portovia, our new line of plant-based foods, has been created to embrace the taste of real cheese, making plant-based food choices easier.

Our ready to eat products can be easily preserved with the practical zip lock packaging which ensures freshness and taste. Ideal for appetizing lunches or dinners and for enriching your dishes.